The cobra

Europe's largest linear roller coaster

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Even from a distance, you can tell by the silhouette that a special snake is waiting for its adrenaline junkies: it's "Cobra".


As a linear roller coaster, it is the longest in Europe. The passengers are first pulled backwards and upside down onto the 36 meter high launch tower before they shoot down in free fall and speed through the station at 85 km / h. After driving over two camelbacks, which tickles your stomach, the train races through the loop. The courageous passengers stand still upside down for a moment before the experience repeats itself, but now backwards. When the passengers get off, you realise that they must have just experienced something incredible. The ride on the Cobra is super-spectacular, so that the CONNY-LAND roller coaster is often compared with the really big ones. The system leaves nothing to be desired in terms of action.


Let's go: are you brave enough? Cobra is waiting for you!