Buckle on and let go: with 5G you'll be catapulted to the top of the 56 meter high tower. Take a deep breath... and get to it! Enjoy the free fall.

The minimum height for Space Shot Tower is 130cm.

Like Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible” you move through a room full of laser beams. It is dark and foggy – and in front of you there is a tangle of green and red laser beams. Skill and precision are required. Do not touch the laser beams!

The Laser Temple is suitable for all ages

An indoor adventure at CONNY-LAND for the whole family. Everything under one roof: from the baby village with an indoor playground and soft balls for the youngest guests, to a breathtaking 12m high climbing garden for real adrenaline junkies.

The indoor playground is accessible without restrictions.

Our alternative to the Mega-Coaster “Cobra” – this is the smallest rollercoaster in the world. For our youngest visitors, who can enjoy themselves here – for the little ones, for whom Cobra is just too big The parents help – because they bring the funny soapboxes in motion with a push of a foot and a button. Go uphill, downhill, in a circle – then the next small passenger may ride the Kiddy Coaster.

Cobralino is accessible without restrictions.

What to say about cobras? They are venomous, especially this one. CONNY-LAND’s Cobra is Europe's largest linear rollercoaster and the largest rollercoaster in Switzerland. You can tame it, if you are tenacious enough.

The minimum height for Cobra is 140cm. Children under 10 years of age are only allowed to use the ride if accompanied by an adult.

Enjoy the beautiful view. It will be the last thing you will see for a long time. The newest attraction in CONNY-LAND is something for real adrenaline junkies. Take a ride, if you dare. The Mammut Tree is old and furious.

The minimum height for Mammut Tree is 100cm. Children below 130cm are only allowed to use the ride if accompanied by an adult.

Voodoo Island mixes rafting and a pirate adventure. Overflowing water action and wild chases in the water are guaranteed. The water attraction of CONNY-LAND for the whole family. Get yourselves wet.

Children below 100cm are only allowed to use the ride if accompanied by an adult.

An indoor adventure at CONNY-LAND for the whole family. Everything under one roof: from the baby village with an indoor playground and soft balls for the youngest guests, to a breathtaking 12m high climbing garden for real adrenaline junkies.

The Jungle Adventure is accessible without restrictions. The minimum height for the high rope course is 130cm.

Attention, hungry dinosaurs. Voracious primitive lizards are waiting for you. On Dino-Attack you are going on a spectacular journey through past times. Experience the greatest adventure in dinosaur history. And don’t worry, the T-Rex has already had its breakfast.

Dino-Attack is accessible without restrictions.

Are three dimensions not enough for you? Four aren’t enough either? Then visit our 5D simulator. Here in CONNY-LAND you can experience the most incredible flight of your life. You don’t believe it? Then take off with us.

Please take note of our instructions at the entrance to the flight simulator

A splash of fun awaits little adventurers. For cooling down when it's hot outside again. Bathing, showering or simply splashing around – everything is possible in CONNY-LAND. As long as you get wet – and have fun.

The water playground is accessible without restrictions.

About 500 m above sea level – you can reach this height with Space-Drop in CONNY-LAND. It goes up slowly and then you drop. Of course, your fall will be caught softly. Are you ready to let yourself fall?

Space-Drop is accessible without restrictions.

3, 2, 1 – Then the good-mood engine in CONNY-LAND ignites. Small astronauts conquer a small space shuttle at this adventure playground. Cheerful frolicking and carefree laughter. This is possible on the way into space.

Space-Climb is accessible without restrictions.

Cozily, you sway through CONNY-LAND. Past a torrential waterfall and through dark grottos, you descend inexorably down the watercourse. At some point you know it's too late to get out. Hang on.

The log fume is accessible without restrictions.

Already drank something for courage? Then let’s go! Our family carousel calls for maximum concentration. You are provided with light signals. Keep an eye on your target. If you shoot well, you will discover many small surprises when you finish. Fun for the whole family.

The Magic Tree is accessible without restrictions.

This is where tomorrow's Formula racers practice. With small racers they go onto the racetrack. Rubber shock absorbers ensure safety, even during hairy duels at the final bend. Lots of fun guaranteed.

Minicars is accessible without restrictions.

Another children's classic in CONNY-LAND. Super colourful and airy, as it should be. Jumping on the bouncy castle is so much fun, do you remember? So: Take off your shoes and let’s go.

The bouncy castle is accessible without restrictions.

We also have the smallest visitors of CONNY-LAND at heart: The “Kids-Corner” offers fun and adventure for boys and girls of preschool age. Age appropriate adventure, of course!

Kids-Corner is accessible without restrictions.

Cast off and go. Now it’s up to you. Steer the boats safely through unknown depths. You can race at sea or just sail around. You are the captain and have the responsibility but also the freedom to decide.

The radio boats are accessible without restrictions.

Elephants which take off! Yes, the leisure park CONNY-LAND also offers this – but the elephants are part of an extraordinary carousel – and this allows the youngest visitors to soar high. Airy fun!

From 6 years, and below 6 years if accompanied by an adult.

Of course CONNY-LAND also has this classic. Grab a carpet and off you go. Zoom down the bumpy slope. The wind will bring a smile to your face, promise. The giant slide provides fun for the whole family.

The giant slide is accessible without restrictions.

The attraction for anyone looking for some quiet and relaxation. Cross the park by train and let your mind wander. With the railway you can accumulate miles without actually walking and see everything important in CONNY-LAND.

The park railway is accessible without restrictions.

Well, where is the water coming from next? The refreshing guessing game in CONNY-LAND will get you wet if you’re not careful. Whoever was laughing a moment ago might be completely wet the next second. So be careful.

Jumping Waters is accessible without restrictions.

In the mood for a mountain panorama? In our ropeway you will feel as if you were in a chairlift. And the best part: on the horizon, the Alps extend in front of you. A relaxing ride on the ropeway is a must for all mountain lovers.

The ropeway is accessible for children from 8 years and up.

Ahoy sailor. Everyone on board? We have a swell, and not just a little. That is why we need you. Undo the ropes and off we go on a wild ride. On this swing boat there will not be a dry eye left. Just don’t get sea sick, understood?

The pirate ship is accessible without restrictions.

Carnival fun in CONNY-LAND. Here, small Schumis and big Sennas can step on the accelerator pedal and go for a spin. Nobody needs a driving licence. Fun is your co-driver.

Children below 120cm are only allowed to use the ride if accompanied by an adult.

You will be amazed at the colourful macaws and cockatoos flying freely and showing you what else they can do. This proximity to the Amazons is only available at CONNY-LAND. The parrot circus is a real experience for both young and old.

The Parrot-Show is suitable for all ages.

New from 2018 at the Château: The 4D adventure "Ice Age"Scrat is a rat squirrel and lives in the Ice Age. When he searches for a suitable place to bury his acorn, he finds a time machine in the ice, which has been sent to the past by a scientist from the future, whose skeleton is also buried in the ice.

CONNY-LAND showcases the results of careful and professional training work between humans and animals. Each show in the Sea Lion Arena also includes educational elements for children and adults.

Suitable for all children and adults.

A huge water surface area with a volume of 13,000,000 litres, green palm trees and a yellow sandy beach. A paradise for the sea lions of the leisure park CONNY-LAND. Here you can experience our sea lions in a beautifully enclosure.

Equally suitable for young and old visitors.


Our up-to-date weather-cam
in CONNY-LAND, 23.03.2019:

... how old, how tall?

For some rides in CONNY-LAND there are restrictions:

Rollercoaster Cobra: 140cm (children under 10 years of age only if accompanied by an adult)
5D Flight Simulator: Please take note of our instructions at the entrance to the flight simulator
Bumper cars: 120cm (otherwise if accompanied by an adult)
Voodoo-Island: 100cm (otherwise if accompanied by an adult)
Mammut-Tree: 100–130cm if accompanied by an adult. Solo riders from 130cm
Ropeway: From 8 years
High wire climbing garden: From 130cm
All other attractions in the indoor area: No height requirement

Flying Elephants, Magic Tree, Space-Climb, Park Railway, Bouncy Castle, Water Playground, Dino-Attack, Log Fume, Kiddy Coaster: No age or height restrictions! (However, we recommend that children below 100cm are accompanied by an adult)

Where you can find us

Connylandstraße 1
CH 8564 Lipperswil (TG)

Phone: +41 52 762 72 72
Telefax: +41 52 762 72 73
Mail: info@connyland.ch

About us

CONNY-LAND is a leisure park in Lipperswil (Switzerland) for young and old.

Here you can see spectacular sea lion shows and a parrot show, have fun on our
roller coaster “Cobra”, the Mammut-Tree, the whitewater course or the unique Jungle Adventure.

CONNY-LAND also offers fun in bad weather: All our main attractions have roofs!

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